• Rebecca Lodge Birkebaek

My personal lockdown

...started on the 14th December when I had a total knee replacement. So what have I discovered during my 6 months, almost to the day, at home?

​The first thing I discovered was that having a new knee is really, really painful and that my fondly held belief of having a high pain threshold probably wasn't true. I then discovered that doing the exercises, even though they didn't seem to make any difference at the start, really did help me regain function and help with the pain. Who knew that practise would be effective?! (If you've seen my Top Tip video, you'll realise the irony...)

​The next discovery was how truly special it is to have time to think properly - and how rarely we get this gift. I've had time to invest in myself and my business, although that now comes with the sadness of not being able to be with all my wonderful colleagues at the Royal Opera House. I really hope that we can find a way to make music together as soon as possible and to share that with a live audience - there really is nothing like it!

​But the thing I have loved most about this strange time - and there are many, many things that I have not loved - is finding that there are so many more ways to connect with each other that I certainly had not used before. I've also loved finding a whole new community of supportive and expert business colleagues, who are extremely generous with their wisdom and time. I've loved meeting so many new people and hearing their stories. I've loved being able to share my passion for empowering people to communicate effectively with others, and I've loved making connections who are turning into friends.

​What started as a miserable time in December 2019 has blossomed, quite unexpectedly, into something rather special, and despite the negatives, I am very grateful. And my knee is pretty much back to its best, although I won't be running any marathons in the near future...

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