Rebecca Lodge Birkebaek and Julie Murry work in tandem to offer you the skills to improve your feelings of well-being and self confidence. We offer packages which can help with:

  • Improving your interview skills

  • Gaining confidence in everyday living

  • Being more confident when speaking in public.

Each package consists of 3 sessions of up to 1 hour each.

Session 1: Julie will help you to improve your confidence by banishing any anxieties you may have in relation to your chosen subject.

Session 2: Rebecca will help you to improve your presentation skills using vocal and breathing exercises, awareness of body language and general presentation tips.

Session 3: Julie will help you to consolidate all that you have learned - remember that hypnotherapy allows your brain to reframe!

Please contact us to find out more and book your sessions on either 07773 502399 or 07971 002131 or by email at

Rebecca Lodge Birkebaek is an opera singer with 30 years experience as a performer in venues all over the world. This has given her much experience in public presentation and using nervous energy effectively.

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Julie Murray is an experienced hypnotherapist with a background in social work. She currently works with clients with issues including anxiety, stress, fears and phobias.

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