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The idea for Segue Voice Insurance cover came about when I developed a polyp on my vocal fold which necessitated surgery and resulted in a loss of income for a period. I was lucky enough, with the help of my employer, to receive swift, expert treatment which, after surgery, enabled me to continue my career. If I had been completely freelance, such help would have been unavailable to me.

Segue Voice Insurance

With Torquil McLusky, MD, Pulse Insurance at the SEGUE launch 2018

Around one in 20 professional singers encounters a problem in any year that needs to be checked by a throat specialist. Anyone who uses his or her voice professionally knows how worrying this is. Something that stops you working for just a few weeks can be catastrophic for a career. Being able to pay for private treatment and time off can make all the difference.

This insurance is for everyone who uses their voice professionally:

  • The professional singer diagnosed with a condition that effectively means that paid singing is a thing of the past

  • The singer who loses their voice for several months due to a polyp but may be able to return to singing

  • An actor who loses their voice so can’t speak or perform

  • Any performer who is worried that their voice is not behaving normally and would like to seek the advice of an ENT surgeon for guidance on treatment/self help methods/reassurance that all is well.

​​The fact that better diagnosis and treatment is improving outcomes is important. It is key to find out what has happened and take steps as soon as possible.

Until SEGUE was created there wasn't an insurance that covered this or any similar scenario. In fact, most critical illness and personal accident products specifically exclude the voice.

The Segue policy includes up to £500 per year towards consultation with an ENT specialist, £250 per week for up to 12 weeks to replace lost earnings as a result of vocal problems caused by illness or accident and up to £7,000 of medical expenses including surgery and intensive speech therapy.

SEGUE is the only insurance for your voice.