Sing Happy is all about your voice and helping you to make your voice heard. This may be through public speaking, giving presentations or singing.


I have a passion for musical education and getting as many people as possible singing! I am also a professional public speaking coach and I want to empower people to find their voice.

When you speak or sing in front of others you want to feel confident and comfortable so that you, and indeed your audience, can enjoy the experience! I will help you achieve that confidence by showing you physical and vocal techniques that will help you eliminate bad habits and improve projection.



​Our Come & Sing choral workshops are aimed at providing opportunities for singers of all ages and abilities to come together and explore all kinds of choral music in a fun, workshop setting. You meet like-minded folk, make new friends and explore varied choral repertoire. I help you learn how to warm up, look after your voice safely and improve your singing.


These sessions have also proved to be very popular as team-building exercises in the work place. All events are held in venues in Kent and are open to everyone. You don't need any experience or be able to read music as all the workshops suit both readers and non-readers. You just need enthusiasm!


We are currently not able to hold any workshops because of the Government's guidelines regarding Coronavirus. When we can resume we will let everyone know.


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